Chant Fest this weekend

06/03/2012 18:12


We'll it's the big weekend coming up. Chant Fest Melbourne. I'm excited about all the people coming and playing. Hanging out by the Dam (like a little lake) watching the Mobs of Kangaroos at Sunset. Drinking Chai with my friends, doing Yoga Classes and being involved in the regular Ashram activities like havan (fire Ceremony). Chant fest was Conceived by Karthik from Sydney's Rama Media (Dave Stringers Promoter) who approached me to be the local coordinator, as I  have spent some time at the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram and know the ins and outs of the place. 
The special thing about chant fest is that it is a retreat style festival. So people who have never been to an ashram can experience that side of the yoga movement or they can choose not to be involved and do their own thing. Some people have booked into the lovely boutique town of Daylesford and will spend some time exploring the local area and come to the ashram just for kirtan and workshop sessions. So it will work for both types i.e. those who want the full experience and those that want the part time experience and still enjoy the luxuries of coffee at the local cafe and sight-seeing. 
Ok back to my computer …lots of last minute organising to do… We have about 20 musicians and artists to deal with not to mention Karma Yogis, rental companies, Light and sound people etc. 
Oms Chakradhyan