Yoga, Meditation and Chanting Intensive Level 1

                                     Yoga, Meditation and Chanting Intensive Level 1

This intensive course is suitable for beginners and runs for two weeks – five days of each week (a total of ten days), two hours a day.


The practice of yoga involves many aspects other than just physical postures. This yoga intensive will explore asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, mantra chanting and relaxation. Basic yogic philisophy and yogic lifestyle pointers will be weaved through the classes.

The aim of this course is for students to learn the foundations of yoga, meditation, mantra chanting and pranayama practice and to be able to practice at home confidently with a routine designed specifically for them. At the end of the two weeks students will have their own home yoga routine developed and the skills to practice it at home.

The home practice which the student will have developed for them over the two weeks can include any or all of the various aspects of yoga mentioned above (including meditation, relaxation, mantra and so on) according to which areas the student is drawn towards exploring and which areas the teacher feels could be useful for them to work on.



A simple series of postures will be taught in a flowing sequence, students work towards memorising the sequence as they practice. Meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting, relaxation and other aspects of yogic practice are taught and developed upon over the classes.

During the course the teacher will consult with each student individually to discuss their progress, their experience of the yoga sequence they have been learning and which areas the student would like to focus on in designing their home practice.

Students will be given a printed copy of their own personal home yoga routine. This will be a version of the sequence the students have been practicing and memorising modified to suit them individually. The home routine will also include other practices added to work directly with the student’s goals.

The home practice is developed by the teachers using the information from health and goals questionnaires, individual consultations and discussions with each student and the teacher's observation of the student’s progression in class.

Towards the end of the intensive students will work on their home practice routine which has been given to them in class under the guidance of the teacher. In this way the students become comfortable and familiar with their routine and can go over any questions which might arise.

This format of intensive training and individualised tuition allows the beginner student  to cultivate and maintain a home practice which is suitable for them and will help them to have the confidence to become an independent yoga practitioner.

At any time after the intensive students can book in for a private session to check in with how their practice is going, make any adjustments if need be, add new postures or expand in different areas they may wish to explore.

Next Level 1 Yoga Intensive starts:
24th October - 4th November (two weeks, five days a week)

$190 (includes all classes, consultations and your own individually tailored home practice design)

Bookings essential


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